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Operating characteristics of flue gas heat exchanger

Nowadays, flue gas heat exchangers have been widely used and have various functions. It can cool and heat vapor chemical substances, and can also heat and cool liquid chemical substances. It is the substance that conducts heat conduction by the two working materials. The two types of raw materials must use thermal convection, and this type of substance must be used for thermal transformation.
The heat conduction that we often use today works like liquid and vapor chemical substances. We can grasp the working characteristics of heat conduction. The prerequisite for thermal efficiency conversion is the existence of two working fluids with different temperatures. This equipment conducts heat conversion on two working fluids with different temperatures.
Let me talk about flue gas heat exchangers. The finned tube is a plate-fin type installed outside the base tube. There is a high-frequency welder aluminum alloy radiator during the whole installation process of the equipment to raise the outside of the pipeline. The specific heat transfer plan, the heat transfer plan is raised, will further increase the heat transfer efficiency of everyone, and increase the heat transfer efficiency of the two working fluids.
Generally speaking, you must choose a flue gas heat exchanger. Everyone must understand it. The processing technology and the common natural environment are important. The applied environment includes the temperature and environmental humidity standards of the natural environment. Whether the working fluid has corrosion and the specifications of the machinery and equipment are important.
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