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Air heat exchanger cleaning

Cleaning In the production process of the chemical industry, due to many reasons, a lot of dirt such as coking, oil dirt, scale, deposits, corrosion products, polymers, etc. will be generated in heat exchanger equipment and pipelines.
The generated dirt will cause equipment and piping lines to fail, the installation system will suffer from production decline, energy consumption, material consumption and other undesirable conditions. When the dirt corrosion is particularly serious, the process will be interrupted, and the installation system will be forced to stop production, directly causing various causes Economic losses, and even malignant production accidents may occur.
In today's scientific development, it is almost impossible to completely avoid the generation of dirt. Therefore, the cleaning of heat exchangers and other equipment has become an indispensable and important link in industrial production, especially in petrochemical and thermal power plants.
There are two main functions or purposes of equipment cleaning.
First, resume production
In the process of industrial production, sometimes due to unexpected situations caused by improper operation, individual equipment or local pipelines will become fouled and blocked, which will affect the normal operation of production. For the situation at this time, it is mainly to quickly remove the dirt, to ensure that the production device can operate normally, and return to the normal production state.
Second, restore equipment production efficiency.
For example, the fouling of chemical equipment causes a decrease in the heat coefficient of heat transfer from heat exchangers and other equipment, a decrease in pipe circulation area or an increase in circulation resistance, an increase in energy consumption and material consumption, and a significant decrease in production efficiency. At this time, the production efficiency of the production equipment is restored by cleaning and descaling.
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