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How to determine whether there are cracks on the air heat exchanger

As an important part of the heating and cooling system, the air heat exchanger allows heat to be transferred between the media, keeping your home at a reasonable temperature. However, if your heat exchanger is cracked, you may want to consider repairing or replacing it.
If your household heat exchanger has not had a problem, it is difficult to know whether you need a new device or whether it needs to be repaired. Find out if you need a heat exchanger, or if you should arrange for a broken heat exchanger repair for your heating system.
Looking for dust
It is normal for the heat exchanger to produce smoke and dust when it is working normally. However, soot should not be left in your equipment, which means you should pay close attention to soot accumulation. If you notice a large amount of soot accumulation in the heat exchanger, this is a serious sign of cracks and needs to be replaced.
When the air heat exchanger starts to work below its normal level, you should first check for the presence of soot, which will clearly tell you whether you are considering repair or replacement.
Watch out for water leaks
Although there will always be water in the heat exchanger, it should stay in your system without leaking. However, if you notice a leak in the heat exchanger, it indicates a crack in the equipment.
Fortunately, the presence of water leaks does not always mean that you need to replace the heat exchanger. If only a small amount of water leaks from your equipment, it means that the crack is small and your equipment does not need to be replaced, as long as it is regularly repaired.
Don't ignore the accumulation of carbon monoxide
Carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous gases. If allowed to accumulate in the home, it will cause immeasurable harm. Although the air heat exchanger will naturally produce some carbon monoxide, it should be safely installed in the device until it is discharged.
If you find a problem with the heat exchanger, please check the exhaust pipe for carbon monoxide accumulation. If a high concentration is detected, it means your heat exchanger has broken and needs to be replaced in time.
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