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There is a certain way to treat the cooling water of the evaporative air cooler

Since the evaporative air cooler mainly evaporates and achieves the effect of condensation by evaporating the sprayed water, the evaporative cooling does not save water. The evaporated water needed to condense the refrigerant is similar to the water-cooled shell and tube condenser + cooling tower. .
The evaporative air cooler is prone to scaling, corrosion, microorganisms and sludge due to changes in the impurities in the cooling medium such as water and air during operation, resulting in problems such as reduced operating efficiency, increased power, and increased increase.
1. Regarding the appearance of mud, salt, and dirt, physical methods, adding dispersants, softening or desalting, etc. should be used.
2. For the algae that appears, the microorganisms should be filtered and added with bactericidal and algaecide.
3. It is advisable to add corrosion inhibitors and bactericides for metal corrosion.
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