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What are the advantages of air coolers

Advantages of air cooler:
1. Improve the service life of electronic tubes (high-frequency equipment). Ordinary water is easy to foul and needs to be cleaned regularly. Once fouling, it will affect the transmitting power and life of the electric tube. In severe cases, the anode of the electric tube is easily burned through.
2. Save power. (Take 100KW high frequency electric tube equipment as an example) Under DC high voltage, the power consumption of anode water circuit to ground is: ordinary water is about 8KW, and distilled water is about 70W.
3. Reduce electrolytic corrosion. The high anode voltage forms a direct current through the water resistance to the ground. This causes the electrolytic corrosion of the electric pipe casing in and out. The electrolytic corrosion rate of ordinary water is more than one hundred times that of distilled water.
4. The air cooler discharges the heat from electric furnace sensors, thyristors, electronic tubes and other electrical components into the air through heat exchange between the air and the softened water wall.
5. This air cooler is sealed and closed loop. After the equipment exits the water tank, it enters the water storage tank, and the softened water is pumped into the heat transfer tube group by the pipeline pump, forced to cool, and then enters the sub-package after cooling. The sub-package is equipped with water pipes corresponding to the equipment. , And then connect to the water inlets required by the equipment through hoses or hard pipes.
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