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How to deal with the failure of the air cooler

After the air cooler is used for a period of time, there will always be such a kind of failure, especially the leakage failure, many customers will reflect this problem. So today, I will tell you how to diagnose the cause of the fault and how to deal with it.
The leakage failure of the air cooler has been analyzed and dealt with as follows:
1. Reduce the inlet temperature, remove the pipeline at the inlet of the oil cooler, add two welding water jackets, and use circulating water for cooling, which can reduce the inlet temperature of the oil cooler by 8 degrees Celsius, which greatly reduces the stress.
2. Eliminate part of the stress (add expansion joints in the cylinder of the oil cooler equipment)
3. In order to better eliminate the expansion stress, the welding between the condensing tube and the tube sheet of the cooler can be directly selected by welding.
4. For the problem of Cl to corrosion, you can reduce Cl to the concentration in the circulating water and weaken the Cl to corrosion.
5. For the high temperature gas at the inlet to flush the tubes, you can add anti-scouring plates at the entrance to avoid the gas directly flushing the tubes, avoiding the rapid evaporation of cooling water due to excessive temperature.
6. The tube plate of the oil cooler is changed from a composite plate to a stainless steel plate to prevent the cooler from corroding the tube plate due to tube leakage.
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