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What are the reasons for the slow development of air heat exchangers

Although significant achievements have been made in air heat exchangers in recent years, there are still some problems. The reasons for its slow development are as follows:  
1. The lack of technical personnel, the lack of intellectual property awareness in the air heat exchanger industry, the lack of technical personnel, and the failure to protect new products developed by themselves in a timely manner. It is often that a company has just developed a certain product and put it on the market soon, and other companies quickly imitated it. Many companies put the same equipment product on the market at the same time in a short period of time. Afterwards, it is impossible to find who the equipment product is. The designer; because he did not apply for intellectual property protection, he had no choice but to stop.
2. Lack of overall control and production level relative to foreign countries. The low-level duplication of some air heat exchangers refers to the phenomenon of mechanical products that are low-cost, relatively backward in technology, and easy to manufacture, regardless of industry development requirements. At present, the market is full of mechanical products with low cost, relatively backward technological level, and easy to manufacture. If such a market environment does not improve for a long time, it will not be conducive to the upgrading of the entire industry's products.
3. Insufficient capital investment, and innovation capabilities need to be improved. Now better companies have launched their own R&D departments, but the products lack innovation and the production methods are backward, and most of them are processed with outdated general-purpose equipment. New product development is not only small in number, but also has a long development cycle.
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