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As far as the flue gas heat exchanger is concerned, it will actually be blocked directly. In this case, it will definitely affect the efficiency of our flue gas heat exchanger and its production safety. There will be a series of effects. In this respect, if we want to directly avoid the blockage of the heat exchanger, we must pay attention to the following aspects.
1. For the blockage of the flue gas heat exchanger, we actually need to pay attention to increasing monitoring. When it is undergoing transformation in the air separation device, in terms of the horizontal screw centrifuge, it is actually installed on each main heat exchanger plate unit, and for the inlet and outlet pipes of each channel. The direct one will also add a better temperature measurement point.
2. If the flue gas heat exchanger is blocked, we clean the main heat exchanger. As far as the main heat exchanger is cleaned, at the same time, we also want to increase its auxiliary heat exchanger unit. In this case, if you look at the heat exchanger itself, if you clean it directly, it will improve the efficiency of its use.
3. In terms of the way to solve the blockage of its flue gas heat exchanger, we also need to strengthen a construction management aspect of its maintenance site. We actually want to control the entire process of requiring its maintenance. Before loading and unloading molecular sieves, we must use blind plate tubes. Furthermore, we also need to pay attention to its supervision, and strictly implement the strict quality of the equipment inspection and acceptance procedures.
Regarding the solution to the problem of the blockage of the flue gas heat exchanger, we can actually further improve the processing steps, which is the process of repairing. In this case, we will directly damage the equipment and fully evaluate the process of its maintenance problems, and must formulate a corresponding emergency plan for the blockage of the flue gas heat exchanger to reduce its failure. The possibility.

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