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Air flue gas heat exchanger, also known as flue gas cooler, flue gas waste heat recovery device, actually uses the heat of waste flue gas to convert into hot water, hot air, or thermal fluid waste heat recovery required for production and life. equipment. The air flue gas heat exchanger uses the heat of high temperature or medium temperature flue gas generated by industrial kilns, boilers, coking furnaces, blast furnaces, and metallurgical furnaces to exchange heat through the heat exchanger, recover the heat, and heat water or air. The generated hot water, steam or high-temperature air is used for domestic hot water, heating, steam for power generation, or drying of food and materials.
The second absorption of the flue gas waste heat by the flue gas waste heat utilization heat exchanger to increase the waste heat utilization efficiency is of great significance for increasing the boiler operation efficiency. In addition, the use of heat exchangers for flue gas waste heat in conjunction with dust removal equipment can increase dust removal efficiency and reduce flue gas pollution emissions. The additional use of flue gas waste heat utilization heat exchangers in the boiler system can save energy, reduce flue gas pollution emissions, promote "energy saving and emission reduction" in my country's boiler industry, and practice green low-carbon cities and "beautiful China".

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