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When many friends see the air cooler, they will ask, what is this and what is it used for? An air cooler is a device that helps us cool down or condense the high temperature in the pipe. So what should we pay attention to when arranging the air cooler?
1. The air cooler is actually an air condenser. We usually install it on the leeward side of the small frequency wind direction throughout the year.
2. It should be installed on the main gallery and at the top of the frame.
3. It cannot be installed on the equipment with operating temperature equal to or higher than the spontaneous ignition point of the material and the transmission and storage liquefaction diameter equipment.
4. If multiple sets of air coolers are to be arranged, we should ensure that they are arranged in the same form, avoiding some in a row and some in a row.
5. The sloping ceiling air cooler should not be ventilated in the direction of the prevailing summer wind. If you want to arrange them in rows. There should be no less than 3 spaces between the two rows.
6. When two humidifiers or wet and dry air coolers are to be arranged side by side, the distance between their frames should not be less than 3m.
7. Platforms should be set up at both ends of the pipe box and transmission machinery.
8. There should be maintenance sites and passages on the ground on one side of the frame or main box.
How should we avoid the hot air circulation of the air cooler?
1. Arrange the same type of air cooler at the same location.
2. Adjacent air coolers should be arranged closely.
This is the end of these two questions about air coolers. Please forgive me if there is anything that is not in place.

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