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Rotary film evaporator

1. Product overview
The rotary thin film evaporator DRLZ-2.6B is a new type of low-temperature concentration equipment, with large production capacity, high efficiency, large concentration ratio, short heating time of materials (only 1 second), low evaporation temperature (≤50℃), and destruction of effective components in concentrated liquid Rotary film evaporator can maintain the original color, fragrance and chemical composition, and is especially suitable for concentrating heat-sensitive materials. Rotary film evaporator is widely used for concentrating Chinese patent medicine, antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, fruit juice, aloe juice, tea essence, Pharmaceutical and biological food and beverage industries such as honey and natural pigments. Rotary film evaporator is one of the best evaporation and concentration equipment in China.

2. Working principle
The rotary thin film evaporator combines two working principles of thin film evaporation and centrifugal separation. The material liquid is heated on a high-speed rotating conical disc (the jacket is formed by two conical discs, and the jacket is heated by steam). The surface is heated from top to bottom and evaporated and concentrated under vacuum conditions. The material forms a thin film on the heating surface and the residence time Short, so the flow rate and heat transfer coefficient are high, and the evaporation intensity is high. The rotary thin film evaporator can make the material obtain higher concentration and product quality.

3. Product features
3.1 The material with high evaporation strength produces centrifugal force on the heating surface of the high-speed rotating conical disc. The liquid film is subjected to centrifugal force of more than one hundred times of gravity. The flow rate is greatly improved. The liquid film is constantly updated, which greatly enhances the heat transfer effect, and the total heat transfer coefficient is as high as 3400-4500kcal/㎡·hr·℃, the thickness of the liquid film formed on the heating surface can reach 0.1mm, so the evaporation effect is good, the evaporation intensity is high, and the total concentration ratio can reach 5-20 times.
3.2 Short residence time (≤1s): Due to the large centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the heating surface of the conical disc, the liquid film quickly flows from the top of the cone to the outside. The entire heating and evaporation process only takes 1 second, and the material evaporates in an instant. The quality will not change. Even if it evaporates several times, it is also an instant evaporation process. Therefore, the quality will not change due to multiple evaporations. The effective components of the concentrate are less damaged, and the original color, fragrance and chemical composition are maintained, which is especially important for heat-sensitive materials.
3.3 Low evaporation temperature (≤50℃): The rotary thin film evaporator DRLZ-2.6B evaporates under high vacuum, and there is a suitable space in the evaporator and its sealing performance is good, so the vacuum degree is higher than other evaporators, so It can greatly reduce the boiling point of the material, and evaporate and concentrate at a lower temperature to maintain the quality of the product.
3.4 Has a unique foaming suppression effect: The structure and working characteristics of the thin-film evaporator DRLZ-2.6B determine that it has a unique foaming suppression function and is not easy to foam.
3.5 Cleaning: The thin-film evaporator DRLZ-2.6 has a simple structure and excellent material selection. The parts in contact with the material are made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti; there is a cleaning device in the evaporation chamber, which can be easily washed or disassembled, leaving almost no residue, clean and conforms to GMP Production requirements.
3.6 Energy saving: Due to the good film formation of the thin film evaporator DRLZ-2.6B, the evaporation intensity is high, and the heat energy utilization rate is high. Compared with the traditional evaporator, the evaporation efficiency is improved, and the heat energy utilization rate is high, which is an energy-saving evaporation. Device.
3.7 Compact structure and high degree of automation: the equipment is small in size, the site is only 16㎡, and the host is 3000mm high; the evaporation temperature can be set and self-adjusted, the temperature difference is ≤0.5℃; the feed can be adjusted, and the cooling water and the evaporation chamber are protected Function to prevent equipment accidents.

4. Scope of application
4.1 Medicine: concentrated Chinese patent medicines, antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, glucose, antibiotic fermentation broth, protein aqueous solution enzymes, fermentation broth, streptomycin aqueous solution, cold granules, cough granules, etc.;
4.2 Food: fruit juice, coffee essence, meat essence, honey, oil, meat and fish egg extracts, etc.;
4.3 Chemical industry: synthetic chemical products;
4.4 Others: tea juice, aloe vera, sea buckthorn, natural pigments, natural extracts, etc.

5. Main technical parameters

Project Rotary film evaporator DRLZ-2.6B parameters
Heat transfer area 2.6㎡
Evaporation capacity (clear water) 900 kg/h
Heat transfer coefficient ≥3900w/㎡·k
Vacuum -0.083~-0.091MPa
Steam pressure (absolute) 0.07~0.2 MPa
Total motor power 18kw
Steam consumption 1.1 times evaporation
Dimensions 4300×3000×4300 (height, host 3000) mm
Equipment weight 4200 (host 1500) kg

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