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Multi-effect evaporator

1. The performance characteristics of the multi-effect evaporator
★ A group of evaporators consists of a heater and a separator. The multi-effect evaporator is composed of two or more evaporators, heat pumps, feed and discharge pumps of each effect, vacuum device, testing instruments, pipelines and valves. The heater is mainly composed of shell, heating tube bundle, cloth device and accessories; the separator is mainly composed of shell, foam trap and accessories.
★ The multi-effect evaporator can adopt the co-current continuous feeding method, and also the counter-current or mixed-flow feeding method.
★ The steam jet heat pump uses adiabatic compression to increase the saturation temperature of part of the first-effect secondary steam, and returns to the first-effect heater as heating steam, thereby increasing the economic degree of raw steam.
★ The reasonable and effective use of the distribution plate makes the material flow evenly and effectively on the inner wall of the pipe after entering the feeding pipe, so that the heat transfer coefficient is greatly improved.
★ It is suitable for the evaporation of heat sensitive, high concentration, high viscosity, easy volatility, easy fouling, easy crystallization, large concentration ratio and corrosive materials.
★ According to the nature of the evaporated material and the different evaporation requirements, it can be designed into a double-effect, three-effect, four-effect and five-effect evaporation system, and the process route needs to be specially designed according to different requirements.
★ The waste steam from the top of the tube bundle or disc dryer and other low calorific value heat sources (such as condensed steam) can be used as the heat source of the evaporator to become a waste heat evaporator, which can reduce the amount of raw steam and achieve a large energy saving effect. When there is sufficient supply of waste heat steam, raw steam can be completely eliminated, and economic benefits can be obtained.
★ Professional design-low steam consumption, low evaporation temperature, large concentration ratio, reasonable and energy saving.

2. Working principle of multi-effect evaporator
The material is evenly distributed into each evaporator tube by the distributor. The material forms a film under the action of gravity and secondary evaporation in the form of self-evaporation. At the same time, the material film and the steam on the outer wall of the tube exchange heat to make the water in the material Heated evaporation, stable temperature difference and heat transfer, form stable evaporation. The secondary steam formed by the evaporated water is used many times. According to the characteristics of the material, it is used multiple times to reduce steam consumption, forming multi-effect evaporation and energy saving the goal of.

3. the use of multi-effect evaporator equipment
Multi-effect evaporator is the sprinkler filtrate, monosodium glutamate, fermentation liquid, corn pulp, starch wastewater, starch syrup, xylose in the fermentation industry, starch/starch sugar industry, fruit juice industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, and environmental protection industry. Evaporative concentration equipment for comprehensive treatment of wastewater, fruit juice, vegetable juice, soybean whey, milk, high-concentration organic and chemical wastewater.

4. Technical parameters of multi-effect evaporator
Specifications JMZ
Evaporation capacity (Kg/hr) 1000 3000 4500 6000 9000 12000 15000 20000 25000 30000 45000 50000
Raw steam consumption (Kg/hr) 250-300 750-900 1200-1350 1600-1800 1500-2700 3000-3600 3750-4500 5000-6000 6250-7500 7500-9000 11200-13500 12500-15000
Effective vacuum degree (mHg) First effect 0
Second effect 448
Third effect 640
Evaporation temperature of each effect First effect 99
Second effect 76
Third effect 53
Steam pressure for evaporation MPa 0.7 (absolute pressure)
Steam pressure for preheating MPa 0.25 (absolute pressure)
Into the machine solid content (%) According to the actual concentration of the material to be processed
Machine solid content (%) According to physical characteristics and customer requirements

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