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Today, I want to talk to you about the five advantages of air coolers. The introduction of the advantages of air coolers can facilitate the use of our users.
1. Improve the service life of electron tubes (high-frequency equipment). Ordinary water is easy to foul and needs to be cleaned regularly. Once fouling, it will affect the emission power and life of the tube. In severe cases, the tube anode will burn through.
2. Save power. (Take 100KW high-frequency electronic tube equipment as an example) Under the action of DC high voltage, the power consumption of Yangshui Road to the ground is: ordinary water is about 8KW, and distilled water is about 70W.
3. Reduce electrolytic corrosion. The positive voltage forms a direct current through the water resistance to the ground. The electrolytic corrosion of the inlet and outlet of the electronic tube water jacket is caused. The electrolytic corrosion rate of ordinary water is more than one hundred times that of distilled water.
The water storage tank of the air cooler is about 0.4~2.0m³ depending on the power of the equipment, and the price of pure water per ton is between 250 yuan and 300 yuan. Because of the use of a closed cycle, the consumption of distilled water is low, creating conditions for the use of distilled water. At the same time, adding a certain proportion of the antifreeze products specially developed by our company can solve the winter freezing problem of high-frequency waterways. The use of distilled water not only increases the life of equipment and components, but also reduces maintenance costs, thereby achieving the purpose of improving productivity and saving electricity.
4. The air cooler uses the air and the softened water wall to exchange heat, and discharges the heat from the electric furnace sensor, thyristor, electronic tube and other electrical components into the air. The heat transfer tube with high thermal conductivity can form a high heat flux density after being combined, so the cooling efficiency of the device is high. The use of air for continuous heat exchange, transfers heat to the air, removes the accumulated heat, and satisfies the temperature requirements of the induction heating system.
5. The air cooler is sealed and closed loop. After observing the water tank, the water from the equipment enters the water storage tank, and the softened water is pumped into the heat transfer tube group by the pipeline pump, forced air-cooled, and then enters the water diversion bag. The pipes or hard pipes are respectively connected to the water inlets required by the equipment.
The air cooler is an independent set of equipment with a small footprint. It can be placed indoors or outdoors according to user requirements. It can be connected to the equipment with hoses or steel pipes. The water pressure can be adjusted by the regulating valve, which is displayed by the pressure gauge on the water distribution bag. Before use, close all the shut-off doors into the high-frequency equipment. After circulating through itself, the water is drained by the drain valve under the water distribution bag to ensure the use of equipment There is no debris in it, so it will not cause blockage.

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