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Air cooler

The spray device of the air cooler is prepared for the hot weather in summer. It consists of a spray pump, a water tray, a spray pipe, etc. to form an independent circulation system. A nozzle is added between the fan and the heat transfer tube, and a small amount of water is sprayed onto the surface of the fin of the heat transfer tube to reduce the surface temperature below the atmospheric temperature to meet the requirements of the heat exchange temperature difference. The water sprayed on the surface of the heat transfer tube After vaporization, a large amount of heat can be taken away, which can supplement the heat dissipation capacity.
The fan uses a large air volume, low noise, low power axial fan, and the circulating pump uses a pipeline pump. Therefore, under the same head and flow, the motor power of the centrifugal pump used in the conventional water cooling system is the same as that of the air cooler. The sum of pump power is basically the same. The air cooler is equipped with a distribution box, which can control the circulating pump, fan, spray pump and digital temperature indicator, and can be interlocked with the equipment.

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