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For the design of air coolers, we need to know the things that need to be paid attention to when designing anti-condensation and anti-freezing. Let's take a look together below.
Air coolers used in cold regions should take various effective measures to avoid the freezing of the process medium, waxing, hydrate formation, laminar flow, and condensation that cause corrosion due to cold air. The antifreeze design of air cooler should mainly pay attention to the following points:
(1) Determine the basis for antifreeze design. Generally speaking, the basis for antifreeze design is the critical temperature of the process medium. In the air cooler design, antifreeze measures should be adopted to maintain the tube wall temperature higher than the low critical temperature of the process medium. These critical temperatures include freezing point, freezing point, dew point (if the condensate is corroded) and other temperatures that all cause operational difficulties.
(2) Heat loss and anti-freezing requirements. When heating coils are used to heat the air cooler, the heat loss and anti-freezing of the air cooler should be considered during startup and shutdown, daily operation.
(3) The outlet temperature of the medium of each tube row in the air cooler is different. For safety reasons, the wall temperature of each row of tubes should be calculated separately to obtain a low tube wall temperature.
(4) The non-uniformity of the flow of the process medium and the non-uniformity of the air flow should also be considered.
The air cooler uses the air and the softened water wall to exchange heat, and discharges the heat from the electric furnace sensor, thyristor, electronic tube and other electrical components into the air. The heat transfer tube with high thermal conductivity can form a high heat flux density after being combined, so the cooling efficiency of the device is high. The use of air for continuous heat exchange, transfers heat to the air, removes the accumulated heat, and satisfies the temperature requirements of the induction heating system.

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