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Spiral finned tube

1. Specifications
Product description The gas goes to the shell side, and the water goes to the classic heat exchanger in the heat exchange tube for heat exchange, such as flue gas-water heat exchange. The temperature of the gas can be raised and lowered, and the temperature of the liquid on the other side will increase or decrease accordingly. The liquid in the heat exchange tube can be a cold and heat medium such as water, heat transfer oil, or other chemical liquids.
Application industry Waste heat recovery of flue gas from industrial furnaces such as boilers, kilns, and blast furnaces.
Cooler for flue gas treatment of industrial furnace
Pressure range Shell side (flue gas side) ≤20Kpa
Pipe side (water side) ≤6.3MPa
Temperature range Smoke ≤1200℃
Type of heat exchange tube Spiral finned tube, H-shaped finned tube, nail head tube, smooth tube, steel foil
Equipment material Carbon steel, ND steel, 304, 316L, 321, 2205, 2507, TA-2, etc.
Precautions 1. Whether the flue gas contains corrosive gas
2. Dust content

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