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Flue gas heat exchanger

Reasons for insufficient heat exchange of flue gas heat exchanger
1. The selection of heat exchanger is too small, resulting in insufficient heat exchange.
2. The air in the heat exchanger is not exhausted. The heat exchanger body is not designed with a high-point air release valve on the tube side and shell side, which will affect the heat exchange effect.
3. There is scaling phenomenon in the heat exchanger. The fouling of the heat exchanger will have a great impact on the heat exchange effect of the heat exchanger, resulting in a decrease in the heat exchange coefficient, a greatly reduced heat exchange efficiency, and a low outlet water temperature.
4. The amount of steam is insufficient. In this system, the steam metering device uses a vortex flowmeter. Due to the limitation of installation conditions, the installation requirements of the steam metering device cannot be met, and accurate data cannot be obtained for the amount of steam entering the heat exchanger.
5. The waterway is blocked. Blockage of the flue gas heat exchanger water circuit will reduce the amount of circulating water flowing through the heat exchanger, resulting in a large temperature difference between the outlet water and the inlet water of the heat exchanger water circuit, a large pressure difference, and a high drain temperature.
6. Poor drainage. The system has the phenomenon of poor condensate drainage during operation. The water level in the heat exchanger often reaches a high limit, and a bypass must be opened for drainage. Otherwise, the water level in the heat exchanger will rise and the vapor pressure on the steam side will rise, causing the heater The steam side safety valve jumps.

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